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Algeria Currency

It’s your lucky day that you have found your way to our website while searching for Algeria currency. We have all the details about the Algeria currency that will help you on your tour. Our team has worked relentlessly to get you all the information on Algeria currency. 
All the information that we have on Algeria currency will be of great use to you while you are on your tour to Algeria. Basically, Algeria currency is Algerian dinar. It is divided into Santeem, and one dinar is equal to 100 Santeem. 
It was not until 1964 that the Algeria currency was Algeria dinar. Between 1848 and 1964, the currency of Algeria was the franc but it changed on 1 April. 
1 Algerian dinar is equivalent to 1.04 Pakistani Rupee. That means that the Algeria currency is almost equivalent to Pakistani rupee and you would have to travel with coins when on tour in Algeria. Because the public transport there would require you to carry change in your pocket. 
Also, 1 Algerian dinar is equal to 0.0085 United States dollars. The fluctuations in the currency rates are a continuous process, and they can never be constant. Our team does an excellent job of keeping up with the highs and lows of the Algeria currency and is devoted to providing you the latest currency rate of Algeria. So, that you don’t have to look anywhere else for the information. 
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