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General Information about Algeria

If you’re looking to find about the general information about Algeria, we can provide you unmatchable assistance in finding you the general information about Algeria. We know that before traveling to any country if that is Algeria, you would want to know general information about Algeria. So, we have compiled all the general information about Algeria on our website for you to find out.

Population of Algeria

Our team has put in great effort in combining all the scattered general information about Algeria present online and assemble, it on a single platform on our website under general information about Algeria. Algeria is known as the largest country of Africa where a population of 34 million people lives.

Historical Places in Algeria

Algeria is said to be famous for its historic places that make you go down the memory lane of historical eras. So, if you’re one who loves history, you would find information about Algeria very interesting. The general information about Algeria that we have acquired is through authentic resources and detailed research that has only been possible because of our hardworking team.


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Facts About Algeria

We have compiled a long list of facts about Algeria on our website, that you are surely going to find interesting.  So, be sure to log on to our website and learn more about general information about Algeria. Did you know that the national soccer team of Algeria is named after the animal fennec fox? The name of the football team is Les Fennecs. Some of the other interesting facts about Algeria include that that even though France was the first one to occupy Algeria but still the language spoken in Algeria is Arabic.  Did you know that almost 90% of the country is covered with Sahara desert?

History of Algeria

History of Algeria goes way back in time to 1830 when France ruled the land of Algeria. It was not until 1962 that the French president Charles de Gaulle began the peace talks and finally on July 5th, 1962, Algeria was given the freedom of calling itself an independent country.

How We Can Help You

All of the general information can easily be found on our website and the information there is properly assembled so that it is understandable as well as interesting for the reader. So, if you are eager to learn more about Algeria, we suggest you log on to our website and learn all that you wish to in the most convenient way.


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