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Want to get information about foreign embassies in Islamabad, Pakistan? Now it’s very easy to get your required embassy information here are, simply select the country from the below list of search country name for which you want to get information. You can get information about Embassy address, contact number, Email Address, Website and other necessary items.

Embassy is normally a term for the main representative office of another country in the capital city of Pakistan and primarily headed by the Ambassador.

Foreign Consulate General or Consulate is a lower level diplomatic representative office, often stationed in a city outside of Islamabad and is typically headed by the Consul-General official.

Honorary Consulate – This lower level office is normally run by a local business person who agrees to carry out limited consular duties in a city where the foreign country does not have a representative.

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Get details information about visa requirements of your required country. You just need to select the country from the below list or type name of the country in the search box at the top of the page. You will get the list of documents required to visa application.

Visa Fees

We also collect and provide information about visa fees for Pakistanis for different countries. These visa fees are estimated. Fees can be changed at any time. Select your required country and get information about visa fees according to visa type.

Visa Processing Time

If you are looking for visa processing time for any country you want to visit, we are here to provide you the information about visa processing time for your required countries. We team tried their level best to collect information about visa processing time from different embassies around the world. If you want any more details about visas fees, visa status or processing you can contact us.

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Do you want to get information about sir fares of top airlines in Pakistan? Don’t worry about this, we are here to provide you required information. Here you can find information and estimated prices air tickets for top airlines operating from Pakistan to around the world.