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Armenia Currency

The information about Armenia currency for the travellers or tourist of Armenia is very important. Because knowing about the Armenia currency will help them a lot to buy things there. The Armenia currency used by the people of Armenia is dram. The Armenia Currency that is dram has possessed a history.

The Armenia currency dram is divided in 100 luma. The Armenia currency named as dram mean as money in English. The Armenia currency dram was launched after ruble in 1993. If you want to exchange your currency to Armenia currency dram, you will find the dram in the form of coins in 10, 20, 50,200 and 500 coins. The Armenia currency is also found in the form of banknotes as 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000 and 100000 drams.

Second important thing after the most common question by you that what is Armenia currency is about the exchange price of Armenia currency. You can know a lot of information about the Armenia currency, Armenia currency rate online.

If you are making your mind to buy something and you don’t have Armenia currency. You should be aware that you can only use Armenia currency for this purpose. So if you want to exchange your currency into Armenia currency you can check the exchange rate of Armenia currency to USD or Armenia currency to PKR. 1 dram is equal to 0.26 PKR. Moreover, if you want to know in USD, then 1 dram is equal to 0.0021 USD. So exchange your currency to Armenia currency in Armenia and easily buy things from there.


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