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Government of Armenia

If you are visiting Armenia, you should be aware of the setup run in Armenia by Armenia government. The Armenia government has a chief of state and a head of government. The chief of Armenia government is President Arman Sarkissian, and the head of Armenia government is Prime Minister Nichol Pashinyan. 
The Armenia government has an official name as Republic of Armenia executing a democratic constitutional state with the rule of law. The Armenia government is divided into 3 main branches to rule Armenia.These 3 branches of Armenia government are the executive branch, the judicial branch, and legislative branch.
The executive branch of Armenia government has a president and prime minister that keep in check the legislative and judicial branch of Armenia and maintain the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia. They also ensure the proper functioning of the other two branches of Armenia government.
The judicial branch of Armenia government consists of law enforcement departments of Armenia such the cassation court and constitutional court. These branches of Armenia government enforce the law on the nation of the Republic of Armenia.
The legislative branch of Armenia government consists of National Assembly. This branch of Armenia government executes the law for the nation of the Republic of Armenia. If you are visiting Armenia, you can check the structure of Armenia government 2018 from the internet. If you want to know the detailed information about Armenia government history and interesting Armenia government facts you can check the official website of Armenia government and get know a lot about the Republic of Armenia.
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