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General info about Armenia

To travel to the mountainous country of Armenia, you should know the general info about Armenia, its surroundings, its people and many other things about the country. If you want to know about the location of the country, Armenia is situated between Asia and Europe.  If you want to know about the general info about Armenia, it’s bounded in the west by Turkey, in the north by Georgia and in the east by Azerbaijan. 

Territory & Population of Armenia

If you want to know general info about Armenia, it is also called as Armenium-Hayastan with the head of state representing the country as president. If you want to know general info about Armenia territory the country has a territory of about 29.743 sq km with a population of about 3 million. The Armenia capital is Yerevan.

Armenia Religion

In the general information about Armenia, if you are interested to know the information about Armenia religion the majority of believers are apostolic churches (about 92.6%). You can easily get the general info about Armenia major cities, national currency and national motto on the internet.

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Major Cities of Armenia

But if you don’t want to search this general info about Armenia, we will provide this exact information about Armenia to you. The major cities of Armenia are Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Kapan, Armavir, Gavar, Echmiadzin, Ijevan, and Razdan. The motto of Armenia is one nation, one culture.

Armenia Currency to PKR

As a tourist, you should know the general info about the Armenia currency. The national currency of Armenia is dram. If you are a Pakistani tourist, then you should know general info about Armenia currency exchange of dram in Pakistani rupees that 1 dram is equal to 0.26 PKR.

Interesting Facts About Armenia

If you are searching for the general info about the country, you will found many interesting facts about Armenia. In the facts of general info about Armenia, you will find the interesting fact that chess is compulsory for the students of Armenia in schools. The first church was built in Armenia named as Holy Etchimiadzin. Armenia is the oldest wine producing country. You can get to know much other general info about Armenia and interesting facts about Armenia. But to get this information about Armenia you have to do surfing through the internet.

Other General Information About Armenia

In the general info about Armenia if you want to know much other information about Armenia or about the history of Armenia you can get a lot of information about Armenia and by exploring those interesting facts enjoy your ride to the beauty of mountainous country Armenia.

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