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General info about Argentina

We provide all the general information about Argentina on our website that has been collected by our team and assembled. We provide you the latest general information about Argentina in detail; you will surely not miss anything that is included in general information about Argentina. Argentina is located in the southern part of South America. Argentina is known about a lot of things.
Our website holds all the information about Argentina that could prove to be valuable to you. Argentina is mostly known for its eye-catching landscapes that include big mountains, snow-covered peaks, high roads and much more. The general information about Argentina will make you fall in love with Argentina. Not only is it filled with beautiful sceneries but it also contains the wide variety of animal species.
The water of the Atlantic is said to be the home to sharks and dolphins. Salmon a fish that is loved by the Asians is also said to be found in great number in Argentina. In the subtropical region cougar, jaguar, Flamingos, turtles and many more species of animals live.
Talking about the general information about Argentina, you need to know that football is considered a religion in Argentina. It is one of the most watched sports in Argentina. The craze of football goes so deep that after winning the world cup in 1986 in which a famous player Maradona captained the team, the people of Argentina made their own religion in the name of Maradona.
Some of the facts about Argentina are that Argentina is the third biggest beef producer in the world. People from all over the world enjoy the beef in Argentina, and it is known all across the world. Our website has all the enjoyable facts about Argentina under the general information about Argentina. Most famous dance theme ‘the tango’ was originated from Buenos Aires which is the capital of Argentina.
The general information about Argentina is present in an organized manner; our team members have worked intelligently keep it as authentic as possible. Argentina’s national language is Spanish because looking back in the history; Argentina was developed under the Spanish colonial rule. It was not until 1816 that Independence was declared.
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