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Government of Argentina

Argentina government is governed by its 1853 constitution, and its basic structure is federal and republican. The president of Argentina is commander-in-chief of the army, navy and the air force and he is powerful within its own arrangement since he can pass his own bills in Congress. If you’re someone who is keen to know about the histories of the country, our website can provide you with all the details of the Argentina government.
Our team has worked hard to collect all the information involving Argentina Government so that history studying people like you can benefit from the knowledge of the Argentina government. Not only is our website a source of information for regular people but it also serves as a great helping hand for the professionals and also the official people who want to look into the Argentina government.
Our website consists of many interesting Argentina government facts. It also has Argentina Government history’s background information. Do you know that Argentina wrote its own declaration of independence in 1816? After that in 1856, a constitution came into being which is still used in the country.
Some of these mind-blowing facts are listed on our website, and a well-reader out there will enjoy reading all of the facts and historical moments of Argentina government. Argentina government 2018 is basically comprised of a president, Vice president and Supreme Court president. Not only this but Argentina also has a legislature that contains Congress, Senate and a Chamber of Deputies.
At we worked hard to collect this information for you.
Argentina Government - Argentina Government Facts - Argentina Government History - Argentina Government 2018

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