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Saudi Arabia International Airports

List of Popular International Airports

  • King Fahd International Airport
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport Makkah
  • King Khalid International Airport Riyadh
  • Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul-Aziz International Airport

List of Popular Domestic Airports in Saudi Arabia

  • Al-Baha Domestic Airport
  • Al-Ahsa Domestic Airport
  • Al-Jawf Domestic Airport
  • Arar Domestic Airport
  • Al-Wajh Domestic Airport
  • Dawadmi Domestic Airport
  • Gurayat Domestic Airport
  • Najran Domestic Airport
  • Sharurah Domestic Airport
  • Qaisumah Domestic Airport
  • Rafha Domestic Airport
  • Turaif Domestic Airport
  • Wadi al-Dawasir Domestic Airport

More information Saudi Arabia  International & Domestic Airports

Saudi Arabia is an Arab country located in Western Asia, surrounded by most of the Arabian Peninsula, with the Red Sea and Persian Gulf coastlines. Saudi Arabia is considered the last border of tourism. Saudi Arabia largest capital city is Riyadh and Saudi Arabia second-largest busiest Airport in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia busiest and biggest Airport at Jeddah and received heavily passengers during the Hajj season.


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Airports in Saudi Arabia

List of Airports in Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia has 26 airports divided into 3 categories; International, Regional and Domestic Airports. Saudi Arabia all airports are modern and fully equipped with world-class facilities, all the airports in Saudi Arabia are built larger, well design and organized. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the Middle East, has dozens of airports including International, Domestic, Regional and Aramco Airports. All the Major Airports in Saudi Arabia are built in one of the largest space in the world and some part of the airports are like towers. Saudi Arabia airports also have the largest space for runways.

Saudi Arabia International Airports - List Of Airports In Saudi Arabia - Airports In Saudi Arabia - International Airports In Saudi Arabia - Major Airports In Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia International Airport

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