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UAE International Airports

United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that are visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year and owing to this fact there is a big need to keep up with the influx of such a large number of passengers for which the UAE government has taken initiatives to built new United Arab Emirates international airports and also to maintain high standards of already existing United Arab Emirates international airports.

List of Airports in Dubai

  • Dubai International airport
  • Abu Dhabi international airport
  • Sharjah International airport

More Details About UAE Airports

The list of airports in United Arab Emirates contains 22 airports among which are the UAE international airports and the domestic airports as well. The government of United Arab Emirates has focused a lot on United Arab Emirates international airports so that they can handle the intake of a huge number of passengers this country. 

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Dubai International Airport

Major airports in United Arab Emirates include; Dubai International airport which is not the busiest airport in UAE but it is the busiest airport in the entire world based on the number of passengers it facilitates throughout the year. It is located in Dubai and is estimated to handle 88 million passengers.

Abu Dhabi international airport

We have the second major airport in UAE which is Abu Dhabi international airport located in Abu Dhabi, this UAE international airport is the second largest airport in Dubai which estimated to serve almost 20 million passengers in one year. 

Sharjah International Airport

Expanding on an area of 15,200,000 sqm we have the Sharjah International airport which is located in the city of Sharjah. It was built back in the 1970s and has known to get an annual increase of 16% in the passenger's traffic. 

Get Details About International Airports in

Saudi Arabia Bahrain Malaysia


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