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Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is an exceptional country which can be considered as a complete package for tourists which is filled with adventures you have never experienced before, the things to do in Dubai are going to blow your mind because there are just so many things that you can possibly do in such a short time.

Things To Do In Dubai

Starting the list of things to do in Dubai with the most beautiful thing that anyone can do if given the opportunity is visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Yes, it is a mosque but it doesn’t limit to just Muslims, even non-Muslims can visit this breath-taking piece of art which is located in the capital city of Abu-Dhabi. 

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Famous Places To Visit in Dubai

Following the content of things to do in Dubai, the next in the list is going to see the amazing architecture of Burj Al Arab which is located in Jumeirah. It was built in 1999 and even to this day, it remains a sight of amusement for the people visiting Dubai. While you are in Jumeirah, you can go to Jumeirah Beach where you can spend a relaxing time and the sight at night there is something worth staying for. 

Historical Places in Dubai

You must have seen the great Palace like structure associated with Arabs in the movies. Well, to bring to your knowledge as good news. It is the Emirates palace that leaves your jaw open. This majestic building was built at the cost of around AED 11 billion and it contains ravishing crystal chandeliers and amazing luxurious rooms that will make you feel like a King. Be sure to make this a priority in your things to do in Dubai. 

Aluminum Productions

Apart from being such a big oil tycoon, Dubai has one of the biggest Aluminum productions in the world which is the country’s second export after oil. Another thing to add in the things made in Dubai, it is permissible to say that the paper industry is on the brink of rising to new heights in the coming time. 

Famous Buildings in Dubai

Well, going back to things to do in Dubai we have the Burj Khalifa. Now it is not possible that you haven’t heard the name of the tallest building in the world. So, missing it would be a big loss. Next up for your things to do in Dubai should be going to the top of Burj Khalifa and dining on the 122nd floor of this huge building. The total height that is huge landmark touches is 828m which makes it a sight to see. 

Historical Sites in Dubai

To add in the historical site in Dubai, Dubai Museum is the perfect place which briefs you about the history of the country starting from the beginning. One of the biggest Dubai tourist attractions is the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi which is filled with the world of speed, let it be a roller coaster, a 4D adventure and live car exhibitions are held in this lavishly perfected place that you are bound to fall in love with. 

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