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UAE Weather

United Arab Emirates is located in the Gulf region of the world. As much as it is beautiful, the United Arab Emirates weather is not as welcoming as you think. But that doesn’t stop the travelers from visiting this country because of its indoor compensation in summers. United Arab Emirates is not that bad to lay out the truth but if you belong to one of the countries where the hear is scorching then you might want to rethink going in summers.

Weather Forecast of United Arab Emirates

To lay out the weather forecast of United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates has a very typical pattern that the climate there follows. Starting from the months of summer which start from early May and go up to late September, are pretty hot. The temperature sometimes even exceeds 40 degree Celsius in the hottest of days which come in the month of July mostly. Perfect ways to spend summers there is to visit the stunning shopping malls.

Seasons in UAE

From mid November to late February, the season of winters occurs. The winters are not very chilly in United Arab Emirates except on some nights when the cold breeze might get you shivering. Best weather in UAE for your vacations is the months linking with winters.

Winters in UAE

Talking about winters, it is probably the right season to visit Dubai in winters or in the months close to them because it is very convenient for you to roam around in that season. Otherwise, if you can endure the scorching heat of the sun in summers, you can enjoy your vacations in summer.

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