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UAE Custom Rules

United Arab Emirates is a country which attracts a lot of tourists into the country, the United Arab Emirates custom and revenue department has set certain United Arab Emirates custom rules which are to be followed by all of the passengers. In case of violation of any of these rules, the passenger will be charged according to the UAE government policy. 

United Arab Emirates Custom Rules

United Arab Emirates custom rules are applicable to passengers regardless of their nationality. According to the United Arab Emirates custom rules, the import of 400 cigarettes is free; in terms of cigars and perfumes, the value should not exceed AED 3,000. If you are traveling from Abu Dhabi you can import 24 cans of beer or 4 liters of alcohol free of charge but it is for non-Muslims only. 

Imports in UAE

Fruits and vegetables cannot be imported from Japan if the date of their expiry is more than 2 weeks. No kind of birds is allowed to be imported from any Asian countries regardless of the fact whether they are dead or alive. To import arms and ammunition, you need to have a legal permit that serves as proof that you are allowed to import or export it. 
According to the UAE custom rules, cats and dogs can be exported but you should have a medical certificate that shows that they have been vaccinated and a microchip ID is required where pet passport is applicable. On the basis of custom rules UAE, Currency up to 100,000 can be imported and for export, there is no limit. 

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