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Languages in Dubai

If you are looking to travel to Dubai in the coming time, learning about languages in Dubai would be of great help to you. Dubai is surrounded by Oman and Saudi Arabia and a total of 1.4 million people live in this country. Among this population are people that belong to different backgrounds which follow different religions.

Official Language of Dubai

Owing to these facts, languages in Dubai are more than but the official language of Dubai is Arabic. From the total population living in Dubai, the Official language of Dubai which is Arabic is spoken by almost 84 percent of them which also makes it the national language in Dubai. The national language in Dubai is Classic Arabic which is also spoken in other countries present in the Gulf region such as Kuwait, Qatar and even Saudi Arabia. To be a part of the legislative sector of Dubai it is important for the particular person to be fluent in the Arabic language. 

Other languages in Dubai

Other languages in Dubai include English, Hindi, Urdu and even Persian. English language in Dubai has a history that goes back to 1971 where the land of Dubai was under the rule of British which had built little colonies. English language in Dubai is used as a medium of communication for the majority of business purposes and in malls because this way it is more convenient for the tourist that visit Dubai.

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