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Languages in Saudi Arabia

Here is the list of most commonly used languages in Saudi Arabia

  • Najdi Arabic         
  • Hejazi Arabic                     
  • Gulf Arabic         
  • Egyptian Arabic
  • Modern Standard Arabic

National Language in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia National language is Arabic, also is the official language of Saudi Arabia as well as Arabic is the official language of the other 21 Arabic countries in the world. Saudi Arabia mother tongue is Najdi Arabic spoken by most of the Saudi’s natives. There are also many other types of minority languages spoken in Saudi Arabia such as Tagalog, Rohingya and Urdu. There are many other different types of Arabic languages also spoken in Saudi Arabia and throughout the world such as Najdi Arabic, Hejazi Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic,
Najdi Arabic is used as the first language in the central region of Saudi Arabia and about 8 million Saudi’s natives speak this language as their mother tongue in Saudi Arabia.

Hejazi Arabic

Hejazi Arabic language is spoken throughout the west area of Saudi Arabia, there are two different forms of the Hejazi Arabic language in Saudi Arabia; Rural Form and Urban Form, the Urban Form is the most commonly spoken in cities of Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah.

Popular Countries

China UAE United Kingdom


Gulf Arabic

Gulf Arabic language is spoken around the coastal regions in Saudi Arabia and also spoken around the Gulf regions of the UAE, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain.

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the most commonly spoken language in Saudi Arabia. This form of the Arabic language is widely spoken and understood in Saudi Arabia. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) mostly used by the media and very popular in the young generation of Saudi Arabia. 

Languages In Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia Official Languages - National Language In Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia National Language

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