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Dubai Food

There a lot of great things that are linked with Dubai and among them is Dubai food too. For all the food lovers out there, Dubai food is going to taste like paradise fruit for them. Some of the best Dubai traditional food which also make it to the list of top foods of Dubai is going to be discussed here so that you don’t miss out on them while you are on your to Dubai. 

Dubai Food Recipe

Dubai food recipe is used by top chefs around the world. To start the quest of the Dubai traditional foods, the first one on the list is the Harees. Harees is the main meal of every family living in Dubai, it is made from meat and wheat. Especially in the month of Ramadan, Harees is always a part of iftar for Muslims.

Dubai Foods In Dubai

Another great Dubai food is there, which is also made from meat with the addition of vegetables that give it an exquisite look and irresistible taste. There is often eaten with a special type of bread known as rigag which is practically soaked in the mixture.

Popular Drinks In Dubai

Dubai drinks that the people there can’t live without are the Arabic coffee which is dark colored and is often served as a representation of Arabic culture. Another drink is Jellab and Qamardeen. Dubai’s desserts include the Kunafa an Arabic cheesecake and Baklava which are sweet rice dipped in honey syrup.

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