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Government of Thailand

There is so much that you have to know about the Government of Thailand. Starting from the formal name of the Thailand government which is the Royal Thai Government! The Thailand government is controlled by the prime minister. The name of the prime minister of the Thailand government is Prayut Chan-o-Cha. He was the leader of 2014’s military coup. The prime minister has the ultimate power on the whole Thailand government. He is responsible for all of the working of the National Legislative Assembly. One of the interesting things about the prime minister of Thailand is that all of the previous prime ministers of the country were the military officers. This has been going on since 1932.

Basic Details About Thailand Government

The country of Thailand is still under a king. The current king of the country of Thailand is Maha Vajiralongkorn. He took the throne in 2016. He is the one who has to appoint the prime minister of the country. Prime minister of the Thailand government has to answer directly to the King of the country. The headquarters of the Thailand government is in the Government House of Thailand- Dusit, Bangkok.

Facts of Thailand Government

Some of the general Thailand government facts are that the system of the government is based on the Unitary Government. The previous constitution of the government is replaced by the present constitutional monarchy in 1932. It was a very revolutionary thing that has ever happened in the country. Get more information about the government of Thailand from the embassy of Thailand that is in Islamabad.


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