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Public Holidays in Thailand

One of the greatest times to visit the country of Thailand is during the Thailand public holidays. This is a really great time as, during these holidays, you get to see many of the colors and celebrations in which they plan their festivities to celebrate the Thailand public holidays. The people of Thailand are really enthusiastic about their festivities that take place during the Thailand public holidays. There is a total of the 17 Thailand public holidays. On all of these holidays, the students and workers are given a day off. The students are free from school and the adults and workers are free from work. This time becomes the most memorable time for all of them because the people of Thailand celebrate their day with their families and loved ones. 

Holidays in Thailand

Some of these Thailand public holidays are on the New Year’s Day, the New Year’s Holiday, the Makha Bucha Day, the Chakri Day, the Songkran Festival, the Substitute Holiday for Songkran Festival, the Labour Day, the Visakha Bucha Day, the Asahna Bucha Day, the H.M. King’s Birthday, the Mother’s Day, the H.M. Queen’s Birthday, the Passing of King Bhumibol, the Chulalongkorn Day, and the Constitution Day. All of these Thailand public holidays are celebrated on specific days. All of the people enjoy these holidays. There are a lot of the things that are seen during these Thailand public holidays. Many unique cultures are shown during these holidays as all of the people dress-up according to their own cultures and traditions. All of these things are also very interesting to see and enjoy. Some of the upcoming Thailand public holiday 2018 are the Chulalongkorn Day (23rd of October), the Father’s Day (5th of December), the Constitution Day (10th of December), and the New Year’s Day (31st of December).

Other Information About Thailand

There is one of the advantages for every person, even for those that are not in the country. This advantage is that during these Thailand public holidays, the tour packages are provided on discounts. This way, you just have to have the Thailand visa and you can apply for your favorite tour package at a very low price. This is very useful and beneficial for those that want to have a reunion with their friends and family that is living in the country of Thailand. This way, he/ she can get to meet their family and that also at a very cheap rate due to the holiday discount.


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