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General info about Australia

Everyone should have general info about Australia in fact not only Australia but other countries as well especially when you want to visit the state. Information about Australia is that it is the state commonly known as the Commonwealth of Australia and is considered as the mainland of the continent Australia. From the history of Australia, we get to know that Australia has given almost 30 public holidays to its people in a single year. Moreover, other facts about Australia include that at first the currency of Australia was the Australia pounds, with the passage of time now the currency of Australia is Australian dollar which is also known as AUD and is donated by ($). To visit the state, you first will have to see the country you live in as Australia gives the visas to people according to countries. So if you live in a country such as Portugal or Albania, then you will not need a visa. And if you live in Pakistan, then you will have to apply for a visa to go to the state. In the same manner, the state gives the option of different visas to the visitors according To their need such as tourist visa, work visa, and student visa.


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Places to Visit in Australia

Other general information of Australia may include that the state includes beaches as well as mountains. There are many theme parks in which people from work come and visit the state. Different zoos are located in different cities which include unique species in them as well. Australia is also popular for the nightlife, the general info about Australia states that there are many nightclubs in the state and bars along with living music venues. You can also go to several huge malls in the country where you can find any brand you want to see.

Other General Information About Australia

The general info about Australia also tells that the people of Australia are very fun loving and love the visitors to give them a warm welcome. There are several airports in the state which are furnished and all of the latest technology. The general info about Australia related to food and drinks states that the country’s famous drink is billy tea. Hamburgers and meat of kangaroos are also loved by the people. The country is the fifth largest exporter of the wines, so beers are also very famous. You can visit every place you want to and can go on even the road trip with your loved ones.


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