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Australia Custom Rules

Like all the other countries, in the Commonwealth of Australia, there are some Australia custom rules which have to be done while entering and leaving the state. Before you reach to Australia you will I’ll be questioned to fill in an Incoming passenger card. In it, if you are carrying any prohibited material written in it with you, then you must tick the option “yes” on it. Then you will have to take those others to the officers of Australia customs and revenue department, so then they will be able to assess them. If you do not tick any prohibited, and then at the time your luggage is checked through x-ray machines, detector dog or biosecurity officer if they find anything prohibited, according to Australia customs law you will have penalties.

Details About Australia Custom Rules

Australia customs rules state that these penalties can be on the spot fine of up to $340, up to 10 years jail, and criminal prosecution with fines of $66000. The things that you must declare on your arrival while following Australia custom rules in the category of food are airline food or snack, instant noodles and rice, herbs and spices, dried food, and vegetables. For dairy products; milk, cheese, nondairy creamers, egg products such as mayonnaise, eggs, and other egg products like pasta that are not produced commercially. For animal products, Australia custom rules include sausages, pet food, any meat, and seafood products. All the fruits and vegetables can be accompanied by an import visa.

The list of things to tick is a long one, so it is better to tick all the items so then you will not face any fine due to the Australia custom rules.


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