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Government of Australia

History of the Australian Government

The Australia government is also known as the federal government, the government of the Commonwealth of Australia and formally her Majesty’s government. It is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The state was independent in the year 1901. The Australia government history state that It was formed after an agreement between six self-governing British colonies. The terms of this treaty are included in the Australian constitution. The head of the state is called the Queen of Australia who is represented by the Governor General of Australia. Then in Australia government, the Prime minister of Australia is the head of the government, and to him, constitutional conventions are given.

Facts of the Australian Government

Other some Australia government facts included that the Australia government is divided into different executive branches. The executive council includes the Governor-General of Australia government; this gives the powers to Cabinet is Australia in which the head is the Prime Minister. In the same way, there are other branches like the High court of Australia, Senate, and other federal courts. In the structure of the constitution of Australia government, separate powers are granted.

Prime minister of Australia

In Australia government 2018, The Hon Scott Morrison MP was elected as the 30th Prime Minister in Australia on 24 August 2018. Before that Mr. Morrison was the Treasurer from the past three years. The Michael McCormack was considered as a deputy Prime Minister is the state along with this he was made the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development. The Nigel Scullion was declared the Minister for indigenous affairs by the Australia government. And Bridget McKenzie is declared as a minister of Regional services, sport, local government, and Decentralised in new Australia government.


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