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Languages in Australia

Official Language in Australia

Australia is the state which is a culturally diverse country and has people of every type. Languages in Australia spoken by the people there are more than 160 languages and if we include the minor languages in Australia that are spoken then it comprises of 200 languages. There is actually no Australia official language but English is regarded as a de facto national language in Australia. The Australia national language in 2011 is spoken by 76.8% of the people in the state at home. English is the languages in Australia that is having a unique accent and vocabulary. Majority of the people know this English from the languages in Australia.


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Others Language in Australia

Other than this, the Mandarin is the biggest non-English dialect used in Australia. The immigration of people from different countries has resulted in different languages in Australia other than English. As earlier mentioned the English consists of unique vocabulary such as the people call mozzie to a mosquito and cossie to a swimming costume. Tasmania or Palawa is also one of the languages in Australia. Minority languages in Australia consist of Mandarin Chinese which is spoken by 1.6% of the population, Italian by 1.4 percent, Arabic from languages in Australia is used by 1.3 percent of people, Greek also by 1.3% and Cantonese by 1.2 percentage. Other than these, languages in Australia also include sign languages. These languages in Australia consist of Auslan Yolnu sign language and others are some other Aboriginal sign languages.

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