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Australia Food

History of Australian Foods

Australia food includes both the colonial and indigenous societies having a mixed Australian cuisine. The indigenous Australians have taken over Australia from past 60,000 years. The Australia food in the Indigenous part of the state includes different types of hunting diets. The Australia food widely consumed by them were the meat of kangaroos, lizards, snakes, and emu. Fruits, honey, and bush berry were also eaten. The Australia food that is consumed these days is quite different.

Popular Drinks in Australia

Australia’s traditional drink is billy tea. This is prepared by boiling water on a campfire than adding gum leaf in it for a better taste. The ones that do not like tea may wonder what popular drinks are in Australia other than this? There are many, there is a high use of Milo in the state and is considered one of the most famous drink in Australia food and drink. The wine industry of Australia is the fifth largest exporter of the wine so you can find the best bears and wines in the state. Not only these but Coffee is also included in the list of main Australia food.

Popular Countries

Saudi Arabia UAE United Kingdom


Foods in Australia

There are different Australia food recipes and the Australia food are prepared in different ways. Top foods of Australia the meat of lamb. It is very popular and known as one of the best food in Australia. The damper is also another type of Australia food which is mainly a soda bread and loved by the people. Hamburgers are now very trending and are a treasured part of the category of Australia food.

Fruits & Desserts in Australia

Fruits play a significant part in the Australia food kiwi, apples, bananas, mangoes, plums, melons along with many others are available in the state. Australia desserts ANZAC biscuits and pavlovas which are also Australia’s traditional food.

Popular Countries

Turkey Thailand Malaysia


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