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Public Holidays in Australia

Just like all the other states, there are also Australia public holidays in which everyone is allowed to celebrate. Due to the high number of Christians in the state, public holidays Australia are more about their celebrations. There are almost 30 Australia public holidays in one year, and everyone is allowed to stay at home these days. The first one from Australia public holidays is on 1st January and is named as New Year's Eve day. According to the public holidays 2018, it was on Monday and on public holidays in 2019 it will be coming on Tuesday. The second holiday from Australia holidays and celebration comes on January 26, which is Australia Day. If this day comes the ok weekend, then the coming Monday is given as an off.

Official Public Holidays in Australia

Australia holidays 2018 also include the labor day which is celebrated on 5th March, and that will come on Australia holidays 2019 on Tuesday. Then the Australia public holidays include the holiday of Adelaide cup. On the same day, Canberra day and Eight hours day is celebrated. Then according to the Australia public holidays Good Friday is given as a holiday on March 30th, it is a Friday before the Easter Sunday. Then Saturday and Sunday are given as the Australia public holidays for Easter. The dates can fluctuate but the day remains the same for Australia national holidays 2018 as well as Australia national holidays 2019. In the same manner, then the Monday is celebrated as the Easter Monday and the day is bound to be the same in Public holidays Australia 2018 and 2019.


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Other Public Holidays in Australia

After that, on 25th April ANZAC day is celebrated as is included in the Australia holidays and Traditions. Mother’s day is celebrated by the Aussies on 13 May. Reconciliation day is also included in the Australia public holiday and is celebrated on 28 May. Then the Australia public holidays included the Queens birthday and picnic day followed by the other Australia public holidays like Bank holiday and Father’s Day.

Christmas Holidays in Australia

On 25th December, Christmas Day is celebrated by everyone living in the country. This is one of the Australia public holidays that everyone waits for. In this, people decorate their houses and meet each other. This holiday is a happy day for everyone as Christmas is the favorite festival of people. The last holiday from the Australia public holidays comes on 26th December which is celebrated as Boxing Day, but the south of Australia do not celebrate this day, and there are no public holidays there.


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