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Bahamas International Airports

When it comes to visiting a land, you need to have enough information regarding the locations of famous places, buildings, and monuments to move conveniently; this content is written to offer every detail that you will require regarding Bahamas International Airports so that you can evaluate, where to land in the Bahamas.  
Firstly, if you are traveling from US or Canada, you will land on the main Bahamas International Airport that resides in the capital city of Nassau, i.e., small in size and has only two terminals. Although, this Bahamas International Airport at Nassau is small but still very busy and receives almost three million passengers a year.
These terminals entitled as A and B. If you want cozy treatment at Bahamas International Airport, then I would suggest you travel through terminal B. There you can find currency exchanges (from US dollar to Bahamian dollars), money dispensers, shops, eateries, and souvenir purchasing points. 
Nevertheless, when we compare Bahamas International Airport facilities to other international airports in the world, the former lacks a lot. For example, government transport and buses are so less in number that they cannot handle hundreds of passengers a day, and so renting cabs remain the only option and so cab drivers, being the only option, charge you hefty rents. 
In such scenarios, you can take advantage of another Bahamas International Airport, known as the Grand Bahama Airport. It is situated in the islands change and serves many private and national flights from Delta Air Lines, American Eagle, Bahamas air, and US Airways. 
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