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Public Holidays in Bahamas

Bahamas public holidays are observed on different days and tourists can see the real life of Bahamian culture during public holidays. Thus to embed your plan with more excitement, in this content, you will find the list of Bahamas public holidays that are observed on religious and national levels.
January first is the New Year celebration day, it is celebrated on country level and an official Bahamas public holiday is observed on this day. During the celebration, you will come across enjoying junkanoo, parades and other activities, which are not seen on casual days. 
Second Bahamas public holiday is observed on January 10th. This is known as Majority Rule Day and celebrated to symbolize equality, justice and majority rule victory in the Bahamas. On this day, Bahamas earned independence from Britain. 
First Friday before the Easter Sunday is celebrated on religious levels by observing prayers in the church and offering meals and gifts to the less fortunate. Being officially a Christian country, Good Friday is celebrated as Bahamas public holiday.
When Easter ends, the Bahamian people observe another Bahamas public holiday, known as Easter Monday. All the Christian communities enjoy this public holiday with religious zest by commemorating special sacred ceremonies at church and family get-togethers at home.   
Pentecost day is one more Bahamas public holiday celebrated on the seventh Monday after Easter. This is another religious holiday and Bahamians believe that apostle of Jesus, and it is equally sacred among Jews and Christians.
On May 21st, Labor Day is celebrated as the Bahamas public holiday and this holiday is observed internationally among different countries including Pakistan. On this day, the labor force of the community is remembered for their headwork. 
Bahamas Independence Day (July 10th) is celebrated because the Bahamas gained independence from British in 1973 on this day. Workplaces and schools remain closed as this day is observed as the Bahamas public holiday. 
To celebrate freedom, first Monday in August is observed. This day is also one of the Bahamas public holidays, and it is known as the emancipation day. 
National Heroes Day, the Discovery Day or Columbus Day, is observed on the first Monday of the October. Special ceremonies are conducted on this day to honor the living or late national heroes of the country.
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