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Bahamas Custom Rules

Bahamas custom rules are variant for citizens from various countries, for example, if you are British or Canadian national, the Bahamas custom rules for you will be different from Bahamas custom rules for the citizens of Pakistan and India.
As, Canadian or UK national, you require the valid passport of your country, and you can enter, stay and live in the Bahamas for a total of 3 months. Whereas, visitors from countries like Pakistan and India are required to purchase Bahamas visa, to stay, live or have a trip to the respective country.
Moreover, as per Bahamas custom rules, the return tickets must be shown to the officers at the immigration. According to Bahamas custom rules of leaving the county, the visitors, when moving from out from the Bahamas to any U.S. destinations, are required to clear the U.S. Customs & Border Protection before leaving.
Moreover, Bahamas custom rules for supply and movement of merchandises are also required to follow strictly by those who want to take souvenirs from Bahamas to their countries. People expect to have purchase receipts with a clear statement of things purchase and prices paid against each purchase. Suppose, in case you remain unable to present receipts to the immigration, you can bear serious penalty charges for breaking Bahamas custom rules.
It is advisable that visitors prepare a summation of pricey moveable things and handover list to U.S. customs department to stamp the summation at the depot before your takeoff. It is an essential thing in Bahamas custom rules. 
To enter in The Islands of The Bahamas, private vessels need to fulfill Bahamas Custom Rules and regulations given as below: 
1. Xerox of the Bahamas custom clearance form 
2. Documents- registration 
3. Receipt of things purchased
4. Return tickets 
5. Tickets of hotel reservation
It is not difficult to follow Bahamas custom rules, all you need is to keep things in order.
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