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Afghanistan Nightlife

Afghanistan once was the most visited place by tourists, but now due to war and suicide bombing, it is not the same place as before. People also go out in the night with the fear of kidnapping; terrorist attacks happen at any time. Still, the safe places in Afghanistan offer great places for tourists.

Restaurants and Clubs

There are many restaurant and clubs which still has much more to offer the tourists. Nightlife in Kabul is not comparable to the Afghanistan nightlife before the war. Afghanistan nightlife does not mean having alcohol or dancing in the clubs as it is a Muslim country and has restrictions on such things. Alcohol is prohibited in the restaurants and the bars. However, the restaurant does offer Hookah or Sheesha. Afghanistan nightlife is only to have a tasty dinner ending with a sheesha, and the Muslim tourists enjoy the nightlife in Afghanistan this way much then having a beer.

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Safe Places For Tourists in Afghanistan

For tourists the safe places including Kabul, the capital offers late night clubs and bars. These are few but you can enjoy Afghanistan nightlife in such places. You can go out at such places at night and have a great dinner along with the music. Alcohol is not served in all the clubs, restaurants or bars as it is illegal in the country. The only bar in Afghanistan is Irish bar in Kabul where foreigners enjoy the Afghanistan nightlife as in Europe. This bar is licensed to serve beer to the foreigners which attract the tourists. The non-muslim tourist love to spend their time in Irish Bar Kabul.

Afghanistan Nightlife

Many restaurants also offer amazing Afghanistan nightlife with their amazing dine in areas. They provide great food and also have hookas or sheesha which can satisfy the tourists wanting to enjoy Afghanistan nightlife.

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