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Afghanistan is a beautiful mountainous country with Hindu Kush range in North and plains in the south and a country rich in ancient cultural heritage. Most of the region is devastated by war and bombing, but still, it has a lot to offer tourists. Not all the places in Afghanistan are dangerous some places are safe and have much attraction for tourists.

Traveling Around Afghanistan

Some travelers opt for bus and taxi while others go for car hire in Afghanistan. Driving in Afghanistan does not require much tests or documentation which allows the travelers to opt for car hire in Afghanistan. The only document you need for driving in Afghanistan is road permit. It is issued by the Afghan embassy where you have applied for Afghanistan visa. You need to fill the form and declaration for driving and pay the fee which is around 100 dollars other than the visa processing fee. The road permit is issued at the same time of visa issuance.

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Cheap Car Rental Deals in Afghanistan

After getting the road permit, the next step is to find an Afghan car dealer who offers cheap car rental in Afghanistan. You can search over the internet for car hire in Afghanistan. First set your budget and then try to find the car rental in Afghanistan falling within your set budget. Price of cars in Afghanistan for different models is different. If you want a bigger car for more number of people, the rent is more. Few Afghan car dealers who offer car hire in Afghanistan at best rates are Afghan rental, afghan logistics and tours, and car rentals. All these three Afghan car dealers are located in the capital, Kabul. You can get in touch with any one of them to check the price of cars in Afghanistan. These also offer online quote generating facility for car hire in Afghanistan so you can hire a car before reaching Afghanistan. In this way, immediately after landing you have a car, and you can go wherever you want easily.

More Information About Car Hire in Afghanistan

Few points must be kept in mind while driving in Afghanistan is that not all places are safe you must know about the safest places before taking out the rented car. Also, check weather conditions before driving as high-speed sandstorms are common during summers mostly in plain areas. You can also get information from local people about car hire in Afghanistan to get the best car at a low rate from a good afghan car dealer.

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