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Afghanistan Custom Rules

Every country in the world has its own custom rules and regulations for the import and export of goods monitored by the customs department. Afghanistan custom rules are also elaborated by Afghanistan custom departments to keep an eye over the export or import of goods to and from the country. The immigration authorities check the identity of people coming and going out of the country at the airport. If the person is found to be involved in any criminal activity the entry of that person is restricted.

Details About Afghanistan Custom Rules

Afghanistan custom rules are formulated by the Afghan government and international laws. There are total 21 Afghanistan customs departments keeping a check on the import and export of goods. Among 21 departments 17 are inland, and 11 are at border control points. These departments are working to collect the tax collected according to Afghanistan custom rules which is due on the goods imported or exported. The people coming for business or to invest in the country must have detailed information about Afghanistan custom rules. By knowing the Afghanistan custom rules, they can calculate the tax imposed on the goods they want to import or export and can arrange everything in advance.

Visitors Should Know About Afghanistan Custom Law

The latest details about Afghanistan customs law can be asked by the concerned Afghanistan departments by visiting personally, over the internet or via phone call. Remember that no one can escape from Afghanistan custom rules so trying to escape is just a waste of time and ultimately you’ll be punished for doing this act.

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