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Afghanistan Tourist Information

Although the majority of Afghanistan is devastated by war, still it offers a great place and community for tourists. Afghanistan is a mountainous area with a mixture of plain areas which attracts the tourists. Tourism rate has declined due to the dangerous conditions in Afghanistan. But still if one wants to enjoy in the people of Afghanistan and some historical and cultural building, then one won’t regret visiting Afghanistan. In this article, we will give essential Afghanistan tourist information which helps in making most of your trip.

Famous Places to Visit in Afghanistan

Many people traveling to Afghanistan consider that it is not safe for tourism. But we will give Afghanistan tourist information about the safest and interesting places. First, the most popular attractions in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul is Kabul museum, Babur’s garden, Sultani museum, Omer Land Mine museum, European cemetery, Ka Faroshi bird market, Kabul zoo, and National archive. All these are common places of interest in every Afghanistan tourist information in Kabul.

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Afghanistan Tourist Information

Next region on the list of Afghanistan tourist information is Bamiyan which is a beautiful valley with the historical significance of being Buddhist Pilgrimage place. It is located at seven hours’ drive and a one-hour flight from Kabul. It is a common place of interest for people loving historical and ancient remnants. The city has fortresses and ruins of the town.

Famous Places to Visit Herat Region, Afghanistan

Herat region is next to the list of Afghanistan tourist information which was once a place of cultural heritage. It still offers great attractions for tourist. The places of interest in Herat are Friday mosque, Gazar Gah, Herat Citadel, Jami’s tomb, Mausoleum of Gowhar Shad, Old city, Musalla complex and minarets, and Takht-e-safar.


Mazar-i-Sharif is a must visit while on a tour or transit in Afghanistan. Every year thousands of Muslims come to pay the visit to the tomb of the fourth caliph of Islam Hazrat Ali (R.A). Most Muslim come here during the festivities which held on March 21st which marks Afghan new ear and the beginning of spring.

Information About Accommodation For Afghanistan Tourists

Another important aspect to highlight in Afghanistan tourist information is about accommodation, transport, and shopping. You can find great hotels to stay in Afghanistan. Transportation is mainly by taxi or buses. For shopping, in Afghanistan is famous for handicrafts. You can find famous Afghan carpets, Karakul coats, hand woven and embroidered fabrics. Afghanistan fruits and nuts are also tempting for tourists. Our brief Afghanistan tourist information helps you a lot while on a trip to Afghanistan.

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