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General Information about Albania

No matter if you are planning to visit the countries or not, you must have an idea about the world. In the same manner, you should know about some general info about Albania. Albania is situated on the southeastern of the Europe which might be included in general information of Albania. Other general info about Albania includes that Albania is a country with the wish list of the things that a person wants to see in a European country
General Facts About Albania
General info about Albania may also include that the country has sandy beaches, a beautiful mountain scenery, and has a rich history, these can also be considered as facts about Albania. In the country, you can also go and bargain about the prices of the goods. The capital city Tirana is wildly alive due to the crowd of people and traffic. The apartments and roads are decorated with Italian and Ottoman architecture with bright colors.
Popular Drink in Albania
The general info about Albania that a tourist must know can be that in Albania tea and coffee are the most popular drinks in the country. Dhalle is a traditional drink which is made by the mixing of yogurt with milk, and many spices are also sprinkled on the drink.

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Famous Foods of Albania
General info about Albania regarding food is that the famous food of the country mainly include meat. Chicken and duck are the most popular poultry products and are made in several different ways. Beef and veal are famous and loved by the Albania people.
General Activities to Do in Albania
On the river in Albania, fish are caught; therefore fresh fish is available in the country as well. This might also be included in the list of general info about Albania.
Airports in Albania
General info about Albania related to the airport is that there is one international airport in the capital city Tirana and many several domestic airports. Two international airports are not yet completed and have not started to operate. 
Government of Albania
General info about Albania also includes some information about Albania regarding the government of the country. The government system of Albania is of the republic. The head of state is known as the President of the country whereas Prime minister of the country is the head of government. 
Weather of Albania
General info about Albania related to the weather of the country. The weather of Albania is dependent on lowland and highland. In lowland, the weather is usually hot in summers and is wet in the winters. In Highland, the country enjoys snowfall in the winter season on the mountainous areas. This is the general info about Albania that should be known to you before visiting the country so that you do not get confused and enjoy your tour.

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