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Albania Food

Albania food is a representative of the cuisine of the Mediterranean. As Olive oil, Fruits, fish, and vegetables are given proper importance Albania good. The most frequently asked question is; What are Two Popular drinks in Albania? One most popular drink in Albania Food is Tea which is served by several cafes in Albania. The second most top drink is coffee in Albania, and it is of different types, for example, filter coffee and instant coffee are available. Most of the Albania Food Recipes of meat include beef and veal. Chicken and ducks are the most poultry consumed in the country.

Famous Foods in Albania

These are prepared in several ways including oven roast and are served which different kinds of sauces. Fish are also attainable and one of the famous thing in Albania Food. Fresh fish is caught from the river of Albania. And is considered one of the traditional food in Albania. Appetisers and salads are considered a must in Albania food. Wheat bread and cornbread are two of the most famous appetizers. Cooked vegetable and chicken salads are also available.

Other Albania Food & Drink

Other Albania food and drink can be Dhalle which is made by blending the yogurt in milk and is served with some spices. Albania food includes a rich amount of Albania desserts. Konojet is one of the Albania desserts which is a typical Sicilian pastry. Along with this Baklava, Ballokume, Zupa, and fruit jam are also loved by the people and are prominent in the list of Albania Food. Different types of puddings are also available in the country.
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