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Albania Custom Rules

Albania is a European country, and just like all the other countries, there are some Albania custom rules. According to the Albania customs department, Albania custom rules include that there are not any kind of non-tariff barriers to imports products in Albania but for some controls and due to bilateral agreements with few countries, quotas are implemented of few goods.

Detailed Information About Albania Custom Rules

Albania custom rules or Albania customs law indicates that most of the industrial and agricultural products from Europe have been canceled from the customs services by Albania custom and revenue department. According to Albania custom rules, there are total six types of Albania greeting custom rates which are 0%, 2%, 5% l, 6.5%, 10%, and 15%. The Albania custom rules state that the maximum rate which can be applied in textiles, jewelry, and other luxurious products is 15% and can’t be charged more than that. Albania custom rules about the imports of the goods show that the products that are going to import must fulfill all the product description in Albanian particularly for foodstuffs. For the products which are not food, on the Greek, Italian or English should be written. Albania custom rules are followed by the rules of the European Union and the WTO. For more information, you can visit the Albanian Customs Website.

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