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Albania Weather

Albania is the country situated at the south of Europe. The country shares its border with Montenegro and Kosovo to the north on the compass, Greece to the Southeast, and Macedonia to the east. Weather in Albania keeps on changing throughout the year. The climate in the state is the Mediterranean climate. Albania weather matters on whether it is lowland and highland of the country.
Summer & Winter Season in Albania
In lowlands, Albania weather is hot and dry during the summers. In winters the Albania weather stays wet and cool. Albania weather in the Highlands remains cold throughout the year. There is snowfall on the mountains that starts from November and ends in March. During this period of the year, Albania weather becomes very cold.
Information About Weather in Albania
For Albania weather, the clothing of the people depends on the region and time of the year or the Albania weather map, but if Albania weather is cold and you are going to mountainous areas, then warm and waterproof clothes must be needed as Albania weather winter is of severe cold. Weather is Albania forecast also tells the same predictions as told above.
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