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Languages in Albania

Official Language of Albania
In the South European country Albania, several types of languages are spoken. National Language in Albania is Albanian. The majority of the people in the country speak Albanian. Albanian one of the languages in Albania has two types of dialects. One is known as Tosk, and it is expressed by the people of Albania who live in the south. The other one is called Gheg, and it is spoken by the Albania people who live in the north.
Others Languages in Albania
In Albania, there is a large number of Albanian diaspora and Albanian communities, and this is why there are many other languages in Albania other than Albanian spoken by the people. Like the language, English is becoming very popular throughout the world especially among youth, so it also has become one of the official languages in Albania. The other languages in Albania that are frequent are Italian, Greek, French, Macedonian, and German. 
Detailed Information About Languages in Albania
As Albania is among the most polyglot state in Europe therefore many languages in Albania are used. In most of the homes there, people know more than two languages in Albania. Among all spoken languages in Albania the most famous one is Italian, and the majority of the people can speak it. The Greek language is mainly used for communication of Greek minorities in the south and is understood by the people explicitly living in that region. Small groups speak various other languages in Albania like French and German.
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