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Albania Government

Albania government system is a Republic one, and the official name of the country is The Republic of Albania. In the Albania government, the president is considered the head of the state whereas the Prime minister of the country is declared as the head of government.

Facts About Albania Government

Albania government facts include that the more power is given to the Prime minister with its Cabinet. The current parliament of the country; the Albania government 2018 adopted the current constitution of 28 November 1998 as because of the instability in the country, Albania government history includes many constitutions.

History of Albania Government

The Albania government started from 1912 after the Declaration of Independence, from that time till now the country has run from different types of governance, which include a monarchy, a state party regime, international protectorate, and the parliamentary republic.

President & Prime Minister of Albania

In these years, in Albania government, the President is indirectly elected by Parliament through a secret vote and require a three-fifths majority of the member for up to five years. The president has the power to declare war and can have agreements of peace with other countries. Nowadays, In Albania government, the president of the country is Llir Meta since 24 July 2017. Albania government was handed over to Edi Rama who is the Prime Minister of state since September 2013.
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Albania Government - Albania Government Facts - Albania Government History - Albania Government 2018
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