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Albania International Airports

Albania is located at the south of Europe and welcomes all their foreign guests in the country. No matter if you are visiting the state as a tourist, student or are going to be resident there, the hospitality of the state remains constant. You can enter into Albania from Albania International airports and can travel in the country from the domestic airports in Albania. International airports in Albania are vast and facilitated. 
International Airports in Albania 
There is a long list of airports in Albania which include domestic as well as international airports in Albania. There are three International airports in Albania. From those, the Albania International airports that are scheduled and attend commercial airlines is only one, and that is known as Tirana International airport. There are other two Albania International airports. Kukes airport is one of Albania International airports which will start operating in 2020. The other one is Vlora International airport which is not completed yet.
Major Airports in Albania

List of airports in Albania that are for the cities of Albania contains five airports. Gijrokaster airport, Korce Northwest airport, Sarande airport, Shtojiri Airport, and Tirane heliport are the names of the airports in Albania. The number of Albania International airports is less, but the country is working on them. The domestic airports in Albania and Tirana International airport, one of the Albania International airports, are considered as the Major Airports in Albania.
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