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Angola Currency

Angola is well known for its beautiful sceneries and natural resources. Luanda is its capital city which is a worth visiting place. The nightlife at Angola is quite vibrating and charming. The rapid growth of the Angola economy is responsible for it an eminent country on the map of the world. Currency in Angola should be known if you are planning your vacations over there.
Official Currency of Angola
Angola currency is known as Kwanza. The name Kwanza is given to the currency in the name of Kwanza River. The sign of Kwanza is Kz while its recent code is AOA.
When Angola Currency Was Introduced?
Soon after the independence of Angola, the Angola currency was introduced in the country. At that time, the AOK was the ISO 4217 code of the currency. The primary coins used in Angola do not have a date of issuance on them. They only contain Angolan independence date on it. 
When Angola Introduced Banknotes?
National Bank of Angola introduced banknotes in Angola on Jan 8th, 1977. The denominations of these currency banknotes of Angola were 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. However, after one-year coins replaced the 20 Kwanza note.
De La Rue produced the banknotes of Angola currency, Kwanza. From 1994 till June 1995, the code of Angola currency was AON, and its name was novo Kwanza. Later in 1995, from July till December, the code and name of Angola currency were AOR Kwanza read just ado. From December 1st till now, the code and name of Angola currency are AOA Kwanza.

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