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Government of Angola

When it comes has politics, it is found out that three eminent branches are responsible for making the Angola government. These include the judicial, executive and legislative. The political power was provided to the presidency for a number of years, as per the Angola government history. Angola government President got all the powers to control the country as per his vigilance and desire.
Angola Government How They Work
Three a pillars forming the executive branch of Angola government are the Council of Ministers, Vice-president, and President. There are about 220 seats in the legislative branch of Angola government. The members are being elected from nationwide constituencies and provincial constituencies. There are 223 members of the National Assembly who are selected for a duration of about four years.  Likewise, the number of members to represent Angola at the international level is 3.
MPLA of Angola
MPLA is known to be the ruling party in Angola which won elections with a majority of 82%. In National Assembly, it got 191 seats. All the irregularities that occurred in the parliamentary elections of 2008 are summarized in the White Book.
President of Angola Government
The President of Angola government declares and appoints the judges of the court. There are 11 justices in the constitutional court. Among these 11, four are being appointed by the President. The Nationa Assembly appoints 4 while the remaining two and one enjoyed is elected, the Superior Council and public respectively. Angola government facts include the declaring of independence from Portuguese in 1975. Angola government president and the members of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola is ruling the country by getting majority votes. Angola government 2018 is expected to bring about the People changes in the country.
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