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Languages in Angola

Angola, a country of South Central Africa, is rapidly flourishing its economy. The destruction of the country was quite huge and tragic after the wars. Soon, it came out to be one of the strongest countries. It is located in the tropical zone, and its capital city is Luanda.

Official Language in Angola
There are huge numbers of Languages in Angola. Portuguese in one of the languages in Angola which secure the prime position of being the Angola official languages. People of Angola are quite familiar with the national language in Angola and knows it well. In the 15th century, Portugals landed in Angola and started ruling there. Almost 39% of the Angolan population is found to speak Portuguese. Portuguese has got eminent popularity among various other languages in Angola. A survey was conducted by Instituto Nacional de Estatística in 2014 in order to know the language of inhabits of Angola. The survey report confirmed that among different languages in Angola, Portuguese is spoken by 71.15% of people over there. They speak this language quite fluently as either first or second language.
Other Languages in Angola
There exist about 1000 religious communities in Angola. This is the reason that Angola has plenty of spoken languages. People of the various ethnic group speak these languages. Other well-spoken languages in Angola are Kikongo, Umbundu, and Kimbundu.
Other Details About Angola

Languages in Angola, history of Angola, beauties and natural resources of the countries are interesting and informative factors that should be known. Angola is quite popular in terms of education as it offers free education to the pupils till the age of 8.
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