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General info about Angola

Angola is a beautiful country which is located in South Central Africa. It is known as the Republic of Angola. The 23rd world largest country, Angola, has plenty of interesting facts. Let's have a look at the general information of Angola. General Info about Angola includes the official language, capital city, border countries, national bird, national game, etc. Luanda is the city of Angola which is situated on the Atlantic coast. This city is known to be the capital of Angola.
Official Language of Angola
General info about Angola regarding the official language reveals that Portuguese is its official language.
Where Angola Located?
You should know the Information about Angola if you are planning to travel there. This country is broader by Zambia, Namibia and Democratic Republic of Congo to the east, south, and north respectively.
History of Angola
The history of Angola reveals various sad facts about Angola. Angola was badly shattered by the civil wars. The economy of the country was massively affected due to it. Portuguese landed in Angola in the 15th century. Angolan slaves were sent to Brazil and America as slaves. Gruella war was fought against Angolans. In 1962, Angola was brought to the map of the world as an independent country.

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Population of Angola
General info about Angola population let us know that its population is found out to be 19 million, according to the latest survey. This country is located in the tropical zone.
Government of Angola
Let's see the General info about Angola politics! The government of Angola seems to have three different branches. These branches include judicial, legislative and executive.
Economy of Angola
When it comes to human rights, it was found that homosexuality is not legal over there. General info about the Angola economy is quite interesting. It is rich in natural resources. Likewise, this country is amazingly rich in wildlife too. It has an immense quantity of copper, oil, diamond, and copper.
Forestry & Agriculture in Angola
General info about Angola Forestry and agriculture tell about the huge potential of these fields for Angola economy. There exist massive religious communities in Angola. Religious communities are about 1000 in number. Among these, Christians are the most common ones.
Education System in Angola
General info about Angola education depicts that the government takes a massive interest in educating their public. Angola government made the education compulsory for every person. For the eight years, education is entirely free, and the pupils have to bear the expenses for the books, bags and other supplies.
Most Popular Sport in Angola
General info about Angola sports depicts basketball to be the most popular game in the country.

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