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Angola Custom Rules

The 7th largest country in Africa which is located in South Central Africa is known as Angola. It faced destruction and loss of the economy due to civil wars. It is no rebuilding itself and emerging as a powerful country.
Information About Angola Custom Department
If you have got a visa to Angola and are planning to visit over there then you should be aware of the Angola custom rules, Angola custom department, Angola customs and revenue department, Angola custom law and Angola greeting customs. Knowing all these would ensure a safe, happy and tension free journey. The most common greeting custom of Angola is shaking hands. Angolans bow slightly as a symbol of respect when they meet an aged person.
Things You Cannot Bring to Angola
When it comes to Angola customs, it is found that some of the things are prohibited to be taken over there. These include gaming machines, postal stamps, pure alcohol, dangerous medicines, animals without corresponding certificate and pornographic material.
Angola Custom Rules About Animals
Angola custom rules have various regulations. The Angola custom rules are for pets includes that it should have an import permit for your cat or dog. This permit should be issued by a registered vet and must be valid.
Things You Can Bring to Angola Quantity Mentioned
Angola custom rules for arms regulation tells that it is prohibited to take explosives or firearms. Likewise, the Angola custom rules for import regulations reveal that import of 2-liter wine, general items such as gifts, personal stuff like clothes, 1 litter spirit, etc. is free by the passengers of age 18 or above. Violation of Angola custom rules may lead to serious consequences.

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