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Things to do in Angola

Angola tourism is expanding day by day. If you have got the visa for Angola, then it is the right time for you to make a list of things to do in Angola. The facts about Angola would amaze you.
Let's Have a Glimpse About The 15 Interesting Facts About Angola.
  1. The capital of Angola is a well known expensive city which is also known as the Paris of Africa.
  2. It has beautiful restaurants and clubs. Angola food is ample to impress tourists. Experiencing Angola food is one of the mandatory things to do in Angola.
  3. Other important things to do in Angola include is visiting the historical sites in Angola. Angolans love to make adorable and elegant handicrafts. These marvelous and adorable handicrafts are the perfect Angola tourist attractions.
  4. The Angola tourist statistics are raising for every year, and it proves to be a strong reason for strengthening the country’s economy.
  5. The majority of the Angolan population is young. The majority of the population is under 24 years of age. This young population accounts for about 70% of the total population. The mortality rate of the country is quite high. 
  6. One of the important things to do in Angola is the purchase of the things made in Angola. Purchase such stuff as a gift for your loved ones. Surely, they would appreciate your choice.
  7. Angola tourism photos and Angola tourism video boost the desire to visit this wonderful country.
  8. The Angola tourism official site should be seen in order to explore the beauty of the country. The national anthem of Angola is Angola Avanti.
  9. The beauty of Angola is expressed perfectly by the Angola beautiful places pictures. It depicts a un-matchable and mesmerizing beauty of Angola without uttering a single word.
  10. Visiting Luanda is one of the important things to do in Angola. Angola flag is quite colorful. It is comprised of three colors i.e. gold, red and black.
  11. Angola got independence in 1975 from Portugal and have Portuguese as its official language.
  12. Many of the people consider experiencing Angola nightlife as one of the joyful things to do in Angola. Traveling in the minibus of Luanda is one of the fabulous things to do in Angola. 
  13. Angola fauna and fauna have biodiversity. Its thick forest has various kind of insects and birds. Impala, elephant, hyena are the among popular fauna of Angola. Other animals include the hippopotamus, lion, rhinoceros, and impala. Black-faced impala is considered to be the endangered species of that country.
  14. Kwanza is the currency of Angola., having symbol Kz. Visiting the museum and popular landmarks is a wonderful thing to do in Angola.
  15. Other things to do in Angola is to visit the Kalandula falls, Sangano beach, Kissama national park. This country is known for its rapidly increasing economy. It is rich in natural resources. It is an oil and diamond-rich country. Angola is making progress in wheat grain, retail sector and poultry by leaps and bounds.

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