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Angola Weather

Weather is an important factor which should be considered in making plans for travelling to Angola. If you are thinking to travel to Angola, then you should keep in mind the weather of that country. Tourists are well aware of the significance of the weather. Bad weather poses a threat or interrupts traveling. You can get awareness about the Angola weather through the weather forecast in Angola. 
Winter Season in Angola
Angola weather winter is the best time for the tourists for visiting. The winter usually begins in May. The cold nights are enjoyed till the month of October. Generally, there are two different Angola weather. One of Angola weather is the hot, rainy season which can be experienced from November to April. The other Angola weather is the dry season or winter season, which stays from May to October.

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Information About Weather in Angola
Before leaving for witness beautiful sceneries in Angola, you should have a glance at the Angola weather now. It would reveal the weather situation in the country at that particular time. You can get to know about the weather in Angola through various resources such as on your smartphone, forecast news on TV, Angola weather map, etc. 
Weather Temperature in Angola
Angola temperature on the coast varies according to Angola weather. In the winter and summer, the temperature at the coast is found out to be 15.6 degree Celsius and 21 degree Celsius respectively. Luanda is the capital city of this beautiful country. There are worth watching sights over there. In addition to this, visit the popular national parts, modern restaurants, etc. in Angola.
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