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Many people get confused about the Andorra currency during their visit to the country. The Andorra Embassy Islamabad gives a detailed counselling service about the currency system of Andorra so you will not face any problem regarding money in Andorra. Usually, the Andorra currency is Euro. The currency of Andorra is in both forms of paper money and coins. The forex or 3 letter code for Euro is EUR. The euro further split into 100 cents. Andorra does not have its official currency. Since past, it is using the currency of the US in the form of euro. The credits cards accepted by the Andorra government only include American express, diners clubs, master card, and visa. The Andorra currency in the form of the cheque is accepted in sterling pounds, Euros, US Dollars. If you are a tourist and want to exchange the currency the currency exchange system is present in Andorra. Without any difficulty you can easily exchange any other currency to Andorra currency by Andorra banks present all over Andorra. At many places in Andorra Foreign Exchange Bureaus are also present to exchange your currency into Andorran Currency. On arrival to Andorra, you can also exchange your currency into Andorran Euros at the airport. If you are a tourist from Pakistan, you can easily exchange your Pakistani currency into Andorran currency from exchange bureaus or banks. 1 euro is equal to 142.35 Pakistani rupees. Make sure besides keeping Andorran debit or credit cards you should keep Andorran currency in cash form during your Andorra stay.

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