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Andorra Custom Rules

Every country has its own custom rules. These custom rules are made for passengers travelling to other countries.  Though Andorra is a small country, there are also some Andorra custom rules. These custom rules are implicated by the Andorra custom departments.  You have to follow those custom laws made by the Andorra custom departments. 
The custom departments apply the customs limits to the certain exports of Andorra. Such as custom limits include 75 grams of perfumes, 1000 grams of coffee and 400 grams of coffee products and many others. No custom limits are applied by the custom departments on exports up to the luggage of 525 Euros. For the children younger than 15 years of age no custom limit is on the luggage of 270 Euros. Duana Andorra is the custom department in Andorra. 
The Andorra custom department prohibit the illegal trade activity in Andorra. The custom limit applies by the Andorra custom and revenue department for entering the country of Andorra demands passport, national identity card of Passenger. The custom law departments prohibit the entry of narcotics, firearms, explosives, horror comics and many other such items. No artwork can be exported without permission. 
Moreover, the countries of Andorra also apply strict custom rules to some acts in the country. Andorra custom departments strongly prohibit the use of alcohol publically and illegal use of the drug. If you want to know more about the custom rules by the Custom and Revenue departments Andorra you can check on the Official website of Andorra.
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