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Andorra Food

The people of Andorra enjoy the delightful and toothsome flavours of their food. if you will visit Andorra you will also enjoy the savoury and sweet flavours of Andorra food. The foreigners who visit Andorra from Pakistan enjoy a large number of Andorra foods. The Andorran enjoys the mixture of French and Catalan cuisine. Moreover, there is also some traditional Andorra cuisine you will love to eat. Some of the famous Andorra traditional foods are Escudella, trinxat, Embotits, Cunilo, Canalonni Andorrana, chicory salad, crema Andorran and many others. Among the Andorra foods, the Escudella is also considered as Andorrans national dish. It is basically a stew dish, with a perfect combination of chicken, meatballs, trotters, and sausages. It is considered as favourite Andorran food. You can also get those Andorra food recipes online, or if you are present in Andorra, you can get those recipes from local Andorrans. These foods are enjoyed by the famous drinks of Andorra. Many people questions that what are two major drinks in Andorra?.The answer to it is CERVESA Alpha which is a popular wine grown in Andorra and GRANIZADO which is made from various liquids such as orange juice, coffee, lemon, and other different liqueurs combination mixed with crushed ice. Among Andorra foods, you can also enjoy Andorra desserts after your meal such as yummy Torro, Panellets, mona da Pasqua and the famous crème Catalana, a creamy custard based dish with caramel drizzle and cream. You can enjoy these and all and other Andorra food and drinks in Andorra.

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