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Andorra International Airports

Many people applying for the Andorran visa often asks the questions about flights to Andorra. They often ask questions that how they would reach Andorra. If you are among those people and want to know about Andorra international airports, then you should be aware of the fact that Andorra doesn’t have any International airports because of its location high up in the snow covered mountains.

Reaching Andorra directly is not that possible as to other countries. Because of the number of international airports in Andorra. You can reach Andorra through Barcelona airport in Spain or Toulouse airport in France because these are the closest borders to Andorra.

After reaching the airports in Spain and France, you can avail the minibus or taxi service that will move to your destination in Andorra. But there are a few other major airports in Andorra. Such as Andorra la villa H/P airport. You can find the complete list of airports in Andorra on the website of Andorra embassy Islamabad or official tourist website of Andorra. 

There are no international airports in Andorra country. Rather there are some international airports near Andorra at some distance such as Perpignan - Rivesaltes Airport 172 km away from Andorra La villa, Barcelona El Prat Airport 200 km away from Andorra. There are also some domestic airports in Andorra such as Toulouse Blagnac Airport 195 km away from Andorra. Moreover, you can find the list of the airport in Andorra on the Official website of Andorra tourism or Andorra embassy Islamabad website.

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