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Public Holidays in Andorra

If you are visiting Andorra, during the duration of your stay in Andorra, you should know about the Public holidays in Andorra. Because on many public holidays in Andorra the markets, national banks of Andorra remain close. Whereas some of the Andorran malls may remain open on those public holidays of Andorra. Such as in January month there are 2 public holidays. January 1 is the new year’s day of Andorra; January 6 is the epiphany of Andorra.

Epiphany is a Christian feast celebrated by the people of Andorra. They celebrate the feast of God incarnate. The public holidays Andorra celebrated by the Andorrans in the month of February is on 12th February. It is the day of Andorra carnival. If you are present in Andorra and get a chance to enjoy some of the Andorra public and celebrations, you will love the depiction of cultural activities in Andorra public holidays and traditions.

There is a National holiday in Andorra on September 8th. This is the feast day of Lady of Meritxell. It is a religious holiday in Andorra. You will love to read the interesting historical story about Lady of Meritxell day on the Official website of Andorra tourism. The walk to the holy place is started in the morning by the people of Andorra. They enjoy the mid-morning snack after reaching there. A lot of people sing together the holy poems, and there is the performance of their traditional dances. The event ended with the distribution of toothsome chocolates and cakes among the Andorrans. You can also found the list of other Public holidays in Andorra on the internet.

The locals of Andorra also celebrate many other Public Holiday and celebrations in Andorra in which you will be astonished by the huge event called Andor la vela village Festival held in Andorra. It is the much loved-event of Andorra for the local Andorrans.

If you are travelling to Andorra in 2018 or 2019, you can check Andorra tourism Official website for Andorra National holiday 2018 or Andorra National Holidays 2019.Besides Andorra National holiday the help desk also informs you about the Andorra Public Holidays 2018 or Andorra Public Holidays 2019. You can also get the details about the history of Andorra events and celebrations. Such as women clown festival, international jazz festival many others. If you are about to fly to Andorra, you will surely love Public holidays Andorra 2018 and 2019.  

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